What's up everyone? So it's been a week since I last sat down to write anything. I've been slacking on the movie script and pretty much everything else on my plate this week. Now its time for the vacation to end. Just because I'm unemployed doesn't give me the right to slack off, right? I called and set up my unemployment claim I just have to fax my Navy discharge papers. Thats gonna be sweet if they use my Navy income and what i was making at the last place because that will be a nice check every week while I find something else that pays me what i'm worth! I'm not getting my hopes up though. 

On the Mattysville Radio tip, we are going to have the Brah Boyz in studio on Saturday and we might have With All Intentions as well if scheduling works. I will be in Boston at UNregular Radio studios on Thursday Hanging out with the Morning Show crew and TBLMS. We're gonna be working on some recordings and shtick. 

I got a new tattoo from Sean Reed at Underground Tattoo Saturday after the show. It's the chemical formula of Delta-9 Tetrahydracannabinol, THC. I posted the picture on Facebook yesterday and the good Dr. Keith Saunders answered correctly when I asked what the tattoo was. It looks so sick. Sean pulled it out even with technical difficulties with the printer. The lines are perfect and the color is dope I can't wait for it to heal. The shop looks great since it changed ownership at the beginning of the month. They repainted everything a deep bluish purple it's pretty sick. The place was packed all day every artist was busy from the time i got there til i left. Definitely go down there and check them out at 15 N. Main St. Bellingham, Mass. 

Well the lovely Miss FoxXx just got home so I'll be signing off now. Don't forget to download the Mattysville Radio podcast from iTunes, rate comment and subscribe as well. Please donate via the donate button on our homepage mattysvilleradio.weebly.com. Half of the proceeds go to MassCANN/NORML to help fund our fight agains cannabis prohibition. Tune in to Mattysville Radio this Saturday at 10:30am. Peace

Matty T.
Matthew James
2/14/2011 03:05:25 am

Keep up the great work Matty. We love what you are doing!


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