Whats up everyone? It's February 1st and. I tried to make it to UNregular Radio studios this morning but this horrible white powder ruined that. No not cocaine I've never even seen cocaine its this terrible snow again. I was going to take the 9am train from Franklin to Boston so i could sit in with the UNregular Morning Show guys and be there to witness the awesomeness that has been the 100th Boston Local Music Show show. Show show? Hmmm is that like saying ATM machine? Speaking of ATM I've been on a huge Kevin Smith movie kick leading up to his premiere of his new movie Red State at the Wilbur Theater in March. I watch Clerks II and the "You never go ass to mouth!" followed by the "Ass to mouth is ok sometimes." sequence makes me realize not only how dirty Kevin Smith's mind was when writing this movie, but that funny shit like that makes movies memorable. I'm working on writing a script for a movie right now that we will hopefully be shooting this summer. Coincidentally Dr. John Loftus asked me if I'd be interested in writing a weekly blog for the new www.unregularradio.com. I figured why not make it a little bit about whats on my mind and a little bit about the movie we're working on. This will be good for bringing traffic to our website (I hope?!). 

As for Mattysville Radio we are working on some big things. As I announced on the show last week we are going to have the band HookHands live in studio with us this week to thrash you and your neighbors awake on Saturday. We had Metal Mikes buddy S_Cal in the studio last week and the only way you'll be able to hear those recorded songs is going to be on our website: mattysvilleradio.weebly.com. It will be posted shortly. I am also going to start work on a Mattysville Live mixtape featuring the best of the best live music that has been performed on Mattysville Radio. It will be for sale in the Merch section of the website sometime this month for $5 basically enough to cover the cost of shipping and the production of the CD's album cover art and cases. We are also looking for submissions from our fans for some cool Mattysville Radio art that we can use on some t-shirts and stickers and a whole bunch of other stuff. 

Don't forget to subscribe to Mattysville Radio on iTunes and of course follow this blog to get updates about the movie, the show, the mixtape, the merchandise and everything else. We also have our Android app available in the Android Marketplace we will be realeasing special bonus content to that app and the iOS app for your iPhone iPod or iPad very soon and then a little something something every week. don't forget to like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter @mattysville. 

Until Saturday peace out Mattysville residents I'll be here again next week. 

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