Wow it's really been 3 weeks since my last blog? I'm terribly sorry. I promise that you will get a few this week. So last night me and the Lovely Ms. FoxXx went to see a movie. This wasn't any ordinary movie going experience though. We were at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston to see Kevin Smith's newest movie Red State. You see he's taking the movie out on the road to a few cities across the county to screen it as a word of mouth advertising tour. This was the second time this film has been screened since its debut at Sundance this winter. Kevin came out on stage to introduce the movie, he said that they opened the tour the night before at Radio City Music Hall the night before. To this someone from the Mezzanine level scream "Fuck you!", to which Kevin replied, "It's not like we opened it at Yankee Stadium."  

So the movie played. It was NOTHING like any Kevin Smith movie you've ever seen. This movie was comedy, suspense, action, political and religious satire, horror, and none of these all at the same time. The film maker himself was sitting in the audience (a rather sizable audience at $60+ a seat) Tweeting his thoughts on the audiences reactions to the flick. The Wilbur Theatre has a policy against cell phone use during shows, probably a liability issue in todays torrent based piracy culture, so I got to read those Tweets after the show. 

Speaking of after the show... The writer/director himself, follow him on Twitter cuz he's funny(@thatkevinsmith), came out and did an hour and a half of Q&A with the audience. In a way that only Kevin Smith knows how to do, he drew the first question out for almost a half and hour and in the end probably didn't even really answer the guys question but fuck was it funny. If you listen to his podcasts at all you know his sense of humor and being there was like being live at the Smodcastle, his podcasting studio in LA. It was really cool to see a guy that I actually want to hear talk, actually standing there on stage in front of me, being exactly what I expected him to be!

So in all the movie was awesome and if you live in one of the cities that is lucky enough to have this movie during this tour, GET TICKETS NOW! It's worth the money and you'll be one of the cool kids to see this movie WAY before it opens in theaters on October 19th, exactly 17 years to the day his first movie Clerks opened. Go to to find tickets in a city near you now!

Whew! OK so that was Sunday, so I'm gonna go smoke a cigarette and finish out the rest of what I've got to say!

Back! Alrighty, so I've been chatting with this indie film producer from Boston named Justin Fielding on Twitter (@inventorymovie). His movie Inventory, a slacker comedy, is in its final stages of preparation before premiering in April. I met him last night, finally, before the movie. He gave me a copy of the movie and agreed to come on Mattysville Radio sometime in the near future. I'll be watching the movie tonight and will write about it here again on Wednesday. That's right folks I'll be writing a little something here again midweek, AND, on Friday I'll be writing another blog to preview this weeks show so stay tuned for that. DJ Fuzzy Fresh is going to be writing a blog this week as well. Look for that on Wednesday or Thursday. Metal Mikes blog will be going up soon too so be on the look out for that. Remember you can find all these blogs, along with our podcasts, forums and contact information on the website ( You can also download our podcasts on iTunes. Please rate the podcast and leave comments so we can have your feedback. There is a comments section on the website if you would like to send us an email, or just send it directly to If you have ideas for show's or want to hear a certain band/singer/rapper on the show go to the forums and tell us what you want. Thanks for reading this stupid long rambling.

Matty T.

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