What's up Mattysville fans? I woke up this morning and saw how crappy it looked out then out of nowhere BAM it's fucking snowing on the first day of spring! Today the plumbing issues continue, the downstairs guy came up and said the water in the ceiling has spread to their bedroom. Again its dry up here and everything is working fine. The toilet flushes fine and doesn't run the shower and sinks all work and drain fine as well. I don't know what is going on but I hear the plumber is coming here again to look into it. 

So how about that show this weekend huh? I made a mistake and scheduled Justin Fielding of Castparty Productions and Drahma Boyz for the same show so it was a little tight getting everything into 2 hours. The first half of the show was Justin to talk about his new movie Inventory. 

Inventory is a slacker comedy, described as "The Breakfast Club meet Clerks". This independent movie made in the Boston area took 2 years to complete and believe me it was worth the wait. I was lucky enough to meet Justin a few weeks ago, and even luckier to get a screener copy of the flick! I got to watch it with Miss FoxXx and it was great. There were a few parts of the movie that were so funny i had tears coming out of my eyes but one scene in particular had me laughing so hard Crystal had to pause the movie so i could catch my breath. The actors all had great chemistry together considering they were playing people who didn't exactly mesh paired together for a day of inventory at a furniture store. The movie was full of laughs and actually had a pretty touching and inspiring message woven throughout, "do what you have to do for yourself if for no other reason than its your job", which in the end becomes a greater collective "do it for your own reason if you want but if nothing else do it for humanity". I want to thank Justin for coming by and the entire cast and crew for making a great movie. The movie will screen on April 12th at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA at 7:30. The screening is free all you have to do is RSVP by emailing tix@castparty.com to get on the list. Make sure you're there with the Mattysville Radio crew to watch the premier of the movie.

The second half of the show we brought Drahma Boyz in the studio. They played us the song everyone voted for a few weeks ago "Dance Party" we also spit some freestyle rhymes. Well they spit rhymes, I however spit something the was next to retarded. I wish they'd played a bit more of their shit but we did have some good funny conversation. 

Jason from www.kashtray.com called us from Taiwan to talk about his product. This thing is the tits for a weed smoker. It's a heavy porcelain ashtray with a metal reamer that sticks out of the middle to clean out your bowls when you're done smoking it. I'm going to be sending away for one for myself this week but very soon we'll have them available right here on the website in the Merch section. We're also going to be giving a few away to listeners when we get a few and we can come up with a creative way for you guys to win them. 

Thats all for now, but as always don't forget to download the show from iTunes or right here on on the homepage. Comments on mine and DJ's blogs are always welcome and encouraged. I want to give a shout out to ReLeaf Magazine, check them out on www.releaf.co/. Check out Inventory at www.inventorymovie.com. 

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Hey whats up everyone? This morning my downstairs neighbor came up and knocked on my door which took me by surprise. Apparently they have water spots on there ceiling. We don't have anything leaking up here so I don't know where it is coming from. Our kitchen sink drips a little but not enough to cause water damage to the downstairs ceiling. But alas the property manager is going to be sending a plumber over tomorrow morning. The biggest problem i have with that is that i haven't been up before noon yet this week and he's going to be here tomorrow at like 8:30 or 9am. Oh well I'll have to tough it out and take a nap when he leaves I guess. The biggest reason I've been sleeping in is that I just can't get comfortable in bed lately, at least not on my side. When Crystal leaves for work in the morning i slide over to her side of the bed before its even had a chance to cool down and i'm out like a light, so tonight we're going to try switching sides. she just scoots over to my side at night anyway so maybe if i'm on her side we'll both be more comfortable. 

I was up out of bed early this morning because my back was bothering me. I wrote a bit more of the script. I've been doing a page every couple days for the last week now. i'm actually going to be working on that after I finish writing this blog. It's starting to come together very nicely and it's really funny. I took like a month off of working on it because it was starting to get off track and the ideas weren't really flowing. I hadn't thought about the movie at all really until last week on a night I was having trouble sleeping that i decided to read what i had written all that time ago. It wasn't bad I made some small changes and added some little stuff until i got to the end. Right then the creative juices started flowing again so I started typing. In the last week I've added almost 4 pages to the script and the ideas are just flowing. 

I really want to ride my dirtbike like right now. today it was nice and rainy perfect traction and what dude doesn't want to play in the mud a little bit. I also want to get my mountain bike fixed up so i can go shred a little. I have such a sick bike and I haven't ridden it in almost a year. It's a Kona Bass. It has the geometry of a dirt jumping bike with the dual suspension of a slopestyle bike. i love ridding it down short steep fast trails. It turns real good and takes the bumps and jumps without a problem. Err now i want to go riding. I just need a headset bearing that i lost to get it back together and then it can basically be my primary mode of transportation. What a great workout that would be. I've been thinking about going to the gym with Crystal but I want to work out with someone and she doesn't do much in the free weight department. She's a runner, which if you know me at all means I don't do the same cardio heavy workout as her. 

Ok I'm out, I need to clean the house up a bit and get something out for dinner. I'll talk to you guys again later in the week. Don't forget we're gonna have Dramah Boyz in the studio this week on Mattysville Radio. Last week we had Monuments in to play an acoustic set in studio. It sounded great and they were awesome. If you missed it or just want to hear it again download the podcast's on iTunes or right here on the Mattysville Radio website. Thanks for all your support! We do this for you so go tell us what you want or what you hate about us in the forum and check out the links page and visit the people we support because they're awesome. We're going to be adding a few in the next couple days. 


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Wow it's really been 3 weeks since my last blog? I'm terribly sorry. I promise that you will get a few this week. So last night me and the Lovely Ms. FoxXx went to see a movie. This wasn't any ordinary movie going experience though. We were at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston to see Kevin Smith's newest movie Red State. You see he's taking the movie out on the road to a few cities across the county to screen it as a word of mouth advertising tour. This was the second time this film has been screened since its debut at Sundance this winter. Kevin came out on stage to introduce the movie, he said that they opened the tour the night before at Radio City Music Hall the night before. To this someone from the Mezzanine level scream "Fuck you!", to which Kevin replied, "It's not like we opened it at Yankee Stadium."  

So the movie played. It was NOTHING like any Kevin Smith movie you've ever seen. This movie was comedy, suspense, action, political and religious satire, horror, and none of these all at the same time. The film maker himself was sitting in the audience (a rather sizable audience at $60+ a seat) Tweeting his thoughts on the audiences reactions to the flick. The Wilbur Theatre has a policy against cell phone use during shows, probably a liability issue in todays torrent based piracy culture, so I got to read those Tweets after the show. 

Speaking of after the show... The writer/director himself, follow him on Twitter cuz he's funny(@thatkevinsmith), came out and did an hour and a half of Q&A with the audience. In a way that only Kevin Smith knows how to do, he drew the first question out for almost a half and hour and in the end probably didn't even really answer the guys question but fuck was it funny. If you listen to his podcasts at all you know his sense of humor and being there was like being live at the Smodcastle, his podcasting studio in LA. It was really cool to see a guy that I actually want to hear talk, actually standing there on stage in front of me, being exactly what I expected him to be!

So in all the movie was awesome and if you live in one of the cities that is lucky enough to have this movie during this tour, GET TICKETS NOW! It's worth the money and you'll be one of the cool kids to see this movie WAY before it opens in theaters on October 19th, exactly 17 years to the day his first movie Clerks opened. Go to www.coopersdell.com to find tickets in a city near you now!

Whew! OK so that was Sunday, so I'm gonna go smoke a cigarette and finish out the rest of what I've got to say!

Back! Alrighty, so I've been chatting with this indie film producer from Boston named Justin Fielding on Twitter (@inventorymovie). His movie Inventory, a slacker comedy, is in its final stages of preparation before premiering in April. I met him last night, finally, before the movie. He gave me a copy of the movie and agreed to come on Mattysville Radio sometime in the near future. I'll be watching the movie tonight and will write about it here again on Wednesday. That's right folks I'll be writing a little something here again midweek, AND, on Friday I'll be writing another blog to preview this weeks show so stay tuned for that. DJ Fuzzy Fresh is going to be writing a blog this week as well. Look for that on Wednesday or Thursday. Metal Mikes blog will be going up soon too so be on the look out for that. Remember you can find all these blogs, along with our podcasts, forums and contact information on the website (mattysvilleradio.weebly.com). You can also download our podcasts on iTunes. Please rate the podcast and leave comments so we can have your feedback. There is a comments section on the website if you would like to send us an email, or just send it directly to mattysvilleradio@gmail.com. If you have ideas for show's or want to hear a certain band/singer/rapper on the show go to the forums and tell us what you want. Thanks for reading this stupid long rambling.

Matty T.

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