Well I never really wrote a blog before but why not start now. This weekend was fun I hung out with all my Brah Family I love them, got my snake bites back the only thing i hate about them are the healing process it blows haha but heavy d did them for me and came out wicked good i wanna go back and get my dermal done on my face hopefully soon ill be going back to underground tattoos for that and also my starting of my leg arm sleeve that rich broke is doing. Nothing to serious has been going on besides that i missed the show saturday i felt like I left yall down but still was a great show obvis lmao. I will be writing more weekly and updating you all with also the brah boyz and with all intentions stuff, even Richie Nixx. The brah boyz are actually going to jam with richie nixx soon shit is going to be tight i wish i could go. But I moved into a new house finally all moved in I believe its like the 20334 million time ive moved in my life so when i was younger i thought it was just a vacation haha or like a field trip to a new house or apartment. I hope you all like us on mattysville radio, we got big things coming just gotta start with the laziness on my part to start doing shit. Ill make another and better blog next week I feel like i have nothing much to say lmao. I LOVE YOU all. also make sure to send us local music so we can broadcast it on our show! talk to you all soon.
4/8/2011 06:27:12 pm

Everybody is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.


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