So here we go again with my blog. I am not sure of what i really did this weekend hahah just knew there was alot alot of bbeer and other amazing drinks involved and also my brah family. I wanna say I am sorry for the Aubin and Duff family for their loss over the last week, Its tough but i know that they all will get thru it like a family :) and also for Mikey Bolduc I didn't know you but my brah boyz family brandon and josh knew you and other people i know, prays go out to his family and friends as well. Tanya lost her father and i hope her and her family also is doing okay prays to everyone. Alot of deaths over this week its terrible stuff I mean we are all going to pass on but yet it is still hard to go thru it. Ive been thru it many many many times and it sucks and still sucks but all you gotta do is look forward and be like hey im not going to give up those who passed wouldnt want me to be sad and i know ill see them again one day and leave your life. Japan with the tsumsi and shit lossing lifes over there prays to them all. I dont want this all to be about death and saddness but i had to include this cause i felt right doing it even if people dont care it shows that i care and i do care im not so cold hearted as i seem. Last weeks showw was great we had the monuments on the show different kinda style of music and i loved it very catchie. Go download the podcast listen to them support music in general. Brah Boyz are going to ohio soon to play with Richie Nixxon big ups to them and when they get back Brah Boyz have a Show on march 27 2011 lmaoo go out and support them contact me or any of the brah boyz for tickets and more details. Also we had with all intentions on a couple weeks ago if you guys and gals heard that show when they jammed out with hookhands, they have a show march 19 thats next saturday at the ruins in prov. so deff go out and support them gnarly kids. Shirts and what not will be coming soon for both brah boyz and with all intentions. But this week for me is starting to be a good one i mean i had a couple of job interviews and more down the week i hope i get something i need cash lol. I want people who listen to give us feedback so if your reading my blog or Matty Ts or even Metal Mikes whenever he post his i want you all to give us feedback good or bad doesnt matter, also ideas and local music or if you want to come on the show and play music we will cut your songs for a little demo :). I wanna close it up with a thanks for all the troops out there working and fighting for our country you guys and girls are the bravest people around and I hope you all get home safe and ready to party cause Ill buy you all a ROUND!!! pbr of course cause thats how we do. haha Well tune in every saturday 1030am to 1230pm. You won't be disappointed. BRAH sceuuuuu

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